Proper Post One Year Anniversary stationery subscription box pack - 7 stationery and greeting card items delivered monthly

Best friend ever! How......?

Simple. We're all busy cramming everything into our lives. We juggle like the ace pros we are. Home, work, children, hobbies, friends, family... the list is endless – but our memories are not.

The sad truth is that sometimes we drop a ball. Yes, we FORGET something important. Like a birthday. A school friend's party. Or the anniversary of when Nanna met Grandpa Joe and they shared an ice cream on the pier. You know, all the stuff that tells people we love and care about them that seems to leak out of our brains sometimes.

We drop a ball. It happens. But never fear, because we've got your back!

That's right. Sign up to Proper Post today and NEVER FORGET any important occasions ever again. PLUS, always have the perfect card for every single occasion known to man, so if something is sprung on you last minute you have this in the bag. AND, yes it gets better, get amazing stationery and other lovely stuff landing on your doormat every month. What's not to love!


We remind. You choose. We deliver.

Every month we will remind you of all the important occasions you have coming up for the next 2 months. You can then CHOOSE a card from our exclusive range. We will add the card to a minimum of 3 surprise design-led, greetings cards and stationery items we have chosen for that month and deliver them straight to you

So not only do you get to save time AND relationships by never forgetting a birthday or occasion again. You also build a stash of the most amazing stationery and greetings cards, AND always have the perfect card for every person and occasion.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

The absolute joy of the package arriving through the post once a month with beautiful surprises each time, is my little gift to myself. Priceless! AND I remembered to send my father-in-law a birthday card on time for the first time in 10 years thanks to Proper Post!

Emma Bowman-Smith 


 Cancel anytime.

Minimum of 4 Gorgeous Items

Including 1 Card of your choice

Exclusive Designs

Different surprise items Every Month

FREE Delivery

FREE Exclusive Pin 

£9.99 / month

£9.99 Per Month.

I’m never short of a gorgeous card for a friend, funky wrapping paper, washi tape, notebook or cool paperclip to brighten my desk. Well done Proper Post – you definitely deliver love and smiles!

Lucy May 

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